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Baba Yaga - Album Release!

May 2024

We are so happy to release our album on the 5th of June at the legendary Wiener Metropol. Get your Tickets and dance with us!

We are also having a lot of wonderful concerts in 2024:

05/06/2024 Albumpräsentation im Wiener Metropol

14/06/2024 Graz, Brücke, Styrian Klezmore

25/07/2024 Ruine Hohenburg in Oberdrauburg, Kärnten

26/07/2024 Limmitationes . Heiligenkreuz Burgenland

27/07/2024 Musikalische Innenstadt St.Pölten
14/8/2024 Musik im Hof, Tragwein/OÖ
21/8/2024 Gastein
24/8.2024 Waldeck Freakquenz

28/9/2024 Vereinsmeierei Bühne . Pressbaum/NÖ

Good Vibes Club 

May 2024

The Good Vibes Club is a rooftop/open air party taking place in the most beautiful locations. The music combines deep house DJ beats with live instruments: saxophone and electric violin and features Son of Kurt on the sax. More Infos:


01/02/2024 - Jaz in the city Vienna

15/03/2024 - Gondeldinner Hochkönig

15/05/2024 - ZOKU Rooftop Wien 

12/06/2024 - ZOKU Rooftop Wien 

17/07/2024 - ZOKU Rooftop Wien 

20/08/2024 - ZOKU Rooftop Wien 

11/09/2024 - ZOKU Rooftop Wien 

09/10/2024 - ZOKU Rooftop Wien 

Holawind - Hast du Zeit?

December 2023

The new program of the all female band Holawind is called "Hast du Zeit", there are many interesting concerts all over Austria in 2024, organised by Jeuesse! Check out the Website and all dates!

Picture by Michael Prokop
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