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I love good vibes and fresh electronic beats and play at parties, clubs and festivities!


electric violin

I play electric violin as a solo act, often combined with DJ beats. I love that modern sound. 

jazz violin

I live for fast and virtuous music and play in various band projects!


As a DJane I play a fresh and broad range of music. One of my favorite genres is House, especially Deep, Funk & Disco House. I primarily choose songs that are danceable, have a rich sound and give me good vibes. This playlist gives you an impression of my style.


I play in various band projects: from jazz to electronic beats or indie vibes. 
here are some of my current projects and cooperations
baba yaga - wild balkan klezmer gypsy jazz
Maddy Rose - wonderful soul music
Holawind - world music combined with Austrian vibes
Good Vibes Club - DJ meets violin & sax
Picture by Michael Prokop
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