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Raffaella della Gemma

Violin . Vocals . DJane

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25.3.2023 as DJane & E-Violinist, Alpine Craft Festival

30.03.2023 with Baba Yaga in Cafe Korb, Wien 1010

 Check out the new & hot band project Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a wild & virtuous musical project including jazz violin, guitar, double base, percussion and vocals playing gypsy jazz, balkan, klezmer & more. Check out all the upcoming concerts!

Good Vibes Club 2022 was brilliant! Now wait for more gigs to come up in 2023!

Check out tthe very unique GOOD VIBES CLUB. It's a new & fresh project by son of kurt & raffaella della gemma: saxophone and electric violin combined with deep house beats!

Picture by Jürgen Miggl @jazzit Salzburg
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